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  Shang Chi Master of kung fu (rising of the spirit)

 Donnie yen

shang chi
Donnie yen as Shang Chi

  • A character showing in yank comic books printed by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Steve Englehartand artist Jim Starlin. Shang-Chi is an extraordinary master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based Wushu styles, including the use of the gun, Nunchaku and join. In later years, upon change of integrity the Avengers, he gains the ability to make innumerable duplicates of himself.

Master of kung fu
Master of kung fu comic
  • Shang-Chi was born in the Honan province of the People's Republic of China, and is the son of Fu Manchu, the Chinese mastermind who has repeatedly attempted world conquest and had a thirst for blood. His mother was a white American woman genetically selected by his father. Shang-Chi was raised and trained from birth within the martial arts by his father and his instructors. Believing his father was a generous philanthropist, Shang-Chi was sent on a mission to London to murder Dr. Petrie, United Nations agency his father same was evil and a threat to peace. After successfully assassinating Petrie, he encountered Fu Manchu's archenemy, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, who revealed to Shang-Chi his father's true nature. After meeting his mother in the big apple town for the reality, Shang-Chi realized that Fu Manchu was evil. Shang-Chi fought his way past Fu Manchu's guards at his New York headquarters, telling his father that they were now enemies and vowing to put an end to his evil schemes. Shang-Chi subsequently fought his adoptive brother Midnight, and then first met his close ally Black Jack Tarr. Shang-Chi became Associate in Nursing ally of Sir Denis Nayland Smith, and opposed Fu Manchu, and battled the Si-Fan assassins.

Ludi Lin and Donnie yen
Ludi Lin and Donnie yen

  • The Chinese-Canadian Lin has seen his star rise thanks to a small part in 2018’s Aquaman as Murk and a well-received role in Black Mirror Season 5. Lin did extensive martial arts training for Saban’s Power Rangers, which is of course relevant to the role of superhero martial arts master Shang-Chi. All this has made him a candidate for the role and the report says it may be enough to have earned him a sit-down with Marvel’s Kevin Fiege. Lin has been pursuing the role since December 2018.

  • However, the report says that Lin is by no means the only actor being considered for the part of Shang-Chi and that we should expect to hear more names soon.